Sunday, January 20, 2013

Action Research: What I've learned so far

Prior to starting this course I had not heard the term action research.  However, I had witnessed others on my campus use this form of research.  I just had not made the differentiation between the types of research.  I know now that action research is a process through which administrators examine their own educational practices and then initiate and proceed with changes based on what is learned from their study.  When situations arise within the school it is a powerful tool in helping educators to find solutions to a specific problem.  It is also helpful in finding methods for improvement and increasing student achievement.  Action research is a process that includes collecting and analyzing data, reviewing relevant literature, implementing changes based upon the inquiry, and then sharing the results with others.  This process is beneficial to administrators in helping them gain a better mental picture and understanding of teaching and practices occurring before them.  I am excited to use action research as I am someone who enjoys finding solutions that not only benefit myself but also those around me.  Knowing that some are resistant to change, what better reason is there to implement change than after gathering data regarding problem areas and solutions to them that are specific to our current situation?


  1. I think action research is ideal for making changes when you have people that are reluctant to change. If you have data backing your decision, that is a lot harder to argue with!

  2. That is one reason I'm looking forward to the action research project - to implement & justify the changes my campus is making - it is what is best for the kids, but the adults are so reluctant to change!

  3. I am also excited about finding information that will truly help my campus move forward. I think it is going to be great as we follow each other as well. We all have such different topics we will be creating a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics as move through this process.