Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week Two Reflection

This week we watched various videos and read several pages on the numerous topics of action research in the school setting.  The nine areas of passion did indeed prompt my first wonderings and revealed to me areas I had not previously considered.  The information shared though the videos of the administrators also provided important tips for us as we conduct action research.  When considering the various topics to choose from for my own action research project, the main concepts that stood out to me were in regards to not reinventing the wheel and choosing ideas that are practical and personal to me.  As pointed out, we can always use what others have done as a resource to pick through to find a way to translate portions of it to fit into our own environment.  In keeping it personal to what interests us individually and practical to our setting we can discover the good and bad of methods that others have tried and revamp it to fit our needs.


  1. I am also choosing a project that is personal to me. Before I watched the videos, a few of my were not practical or personal. I liked the idea, but the data from the study would not have applied to me. My new topic is relevant to me and my campus.

  2. The readings were also helpful to me in coming up with additional areas to consider for my action research project. I appreciated the tips from the videos as well. I like the idea about using what others have already successfully done and finding a way to translate it into what we are doing.