Sunday, February 3, 2013

Steps to Implement Action Research

Examining the Work: Setting the Foundation

Through meetings and collaboration with all of the stakeholders on campus who work closely with and/or teach student-athletes the issue of student-athlete grade variation from season to season is identified as a concern and the need for an academic support system for athletes is suggested.

Analyzing Data

Look at student-athlete grades for each six weeks and academic performance in / out of season.  Use results of surveys and research to determine positive factors identified by both students and staff.  Interview students and staff as needed to clarify findings. 

Developing a Deeper Understanding

Initial review, survey, and research have potential to reveal additional factors and re-occurring tendencies that vary with gender and age.  I will probably need to interview student-athletes and compile data based on gender and grade level within sports and their seasons.  Discussions with personnel and campuses that currently have procedures which provide academic assistance to student-athletes will be beneficial in getting a better understanding of how to best provide a support network for our student-athletes.

Engaging in Self-Reflection

As a current coach and hopeful athletic administrator, I am excited about this research and being able to discover ways to help our student-athletes be successful academically throughout the entire school year.  I am confident that I will be able to gather the information necessary to reveal the elements influencing academic achievement for student-athletes and steps to providing a support network for them.

Exploring Programmatic Problems

Speak with coaches, athletic coordinator, administrators, and site supervisor to discuss and gather various opinions of increasing positive factors and decreasing negative factors.  Also, collaborate with them to determine the pros and cons of different methods of an academic support network to weed out procedures that would not benefit our stakeholders.

Determining Direction

I will need to make adjustments in my timeline as needed in order to acquire and analyze all needed data.  As other factors are revealed, I may need to subgroup research information as well as create plans of intervention and assistance that are more specific to each subgroup.

Taking Action For School Improvement

I will utilize groups such as coaches to assist me in my action research project.  I will submit the information gathered to athletic director, Kyle Craighead, and principal, Virdie Montgomery, for review before implementation.

Sustained Improvement

Results will be shared with the entire coaching staff to show the specific factors that have an effect on our student-athlete grades, and how and why averages differ from season to season with them.  Also, results of how academic support networks have helped in improving student-athlete performance throughout the entire school year and how implementation of such on our campus can benefit the culture and climate of our school.


  1. I think your plan looks very organized and well-planned. I feel that our athletes need support all year. With the push for college readiness and all the extra time athletes invest in their sport, they need more support to help them be successful during the season and off-season. Good luck with your plan :)

  2. I think it's great that you take a stand on helping athletes with ideas of how to keep their grades level and up to par! Maybe getting teachers to allow extra time on long term projects, or maybe the athletes can have a different due date on certain projects, while they are out of season which would allow more time for effort on the students part. I think this is a project that would need assistance from all people concerned. Good luck on your research. I would appreciate a comment on mine if you have time!

  3. I hadn't given much thought to the difference between in-season and off-season in terms of their motivation, but I bet it can be a huge one. Great idea to study this and come up with a solution to motivate these kids!

  4. Several of our classmates have a topic that is related to yours. What considerations are you going to give to the student athlete who never goes out of season? Both of my own children have a fall, winter, and spring sport. Many from our school will have more than one sport especially if they are a good athlete. Will this group have a different subset in your research? I like the idea of study hall for all athletes unless the student has an A or B.

  5. Will you be implementing the academic support system and then be evaluating the effectiveness of the intervention plan?