Sunday, February 3, 2013

Action Research Plan

Action Planning Template
Goal: To identify factors that affect academic performance, averages, and grades of athletes' in-season versus out of season and to create an academic support network that maximizes academic achievement throughout the entire school year.
Action Steps(s):
Person(s) Responsible:
Timeline: Start/End
Needed Resources
Meet with Athletic Coordinator and campus Rank One manager to collect student athletes sports
Heather Damron, Bill Howard, Eric Maxey
June 2013
List of athletes by sport for the past school year
Site supervisor approval
Meet with PEIMS clerk to collect student athletes grades
Heather Damron, Katy Tindell
June 2013
List of grades by six weeks for student athletes for the past school year
Site supervisor approval
Review grades for each six weeks athlete was in-season and out of season
Heather Damron
June & July 2013
List of athlete grades and sports for the past school year
Comparison of grades when sport was in-season and out of season
Create online survey for student athletes
Heather Damron
July 2013
Internet survey tool
Coaches collaboration
Create online survey for coaches
Heather Damron
July 2013
Internet survey tool
Coordinator and site supervisor collaboration
Issue survey link and/or arrange set time in computer lab for conducting survey to identify factors that affect athlete academic performance
Heather Damron, student athletes
August 2013
Survey tool and athletes
Administrative approval of survey questions and executing survey with student athletes
Issue survey link to identify methods and procedures in providing academic support
Heather Damron, coaches
August 2013
Survey tool and coaches
Administrative approval of survey questions
Research academic support strategies, tools and methods for athletes used by other campuses
Heather Damron,
September 2013
Internet, email / phone contacts
Identify successful strategies, tools and methods
Examine results of surveys and research then compile data
Heather Damron
October & November 2013
Identify both positive and negative repetitive factors as well as methods that are suitable to our stakeholders
Present data collected and results of findings to Athletic Director and Principal to devise a plan that helps to achieve academic success in both seasons / throughout the  entire school year
Heather Damron, Kyle Craighead, Virdie Montgomery
December 2013
Data and analysis
Discussion, collaboration, and problem-solving


  1. Heather, I like that you are going to do surveys for both students and coaches. What kinds of things are you going to have on the surveys? Are the students surveys going to include factors outside of the school setting that affect achievement? Perhaps an anonymous survey will provide better results if you are including information that revolves around "home life"...some students might be embarrassed to share that information if they are being identified.

    I look forward to hearing how it goes.

  2. Heather, I am very interested in your topic. I am a former coach and saw many of my athletes perform well academically during season, but seemed to drop the rest of the year. One thing I would consider with your survey is to have a place where they (coaches and students) can input personal comments etc. This might be a way to gather further insight into other reasons (besides seasonal sports) that they may slip academically when not currently in season. Sometimes the open comments section may provide information that you had not even considered. Just a thought...

  3. I think you have picked a very interesting topic. The fact that some students perform well academically during in-season, but not out-of-season could be related to many factors. I like the fact that you are surveying both the students and the coaches. This will give you insight from two different angles. I look forward to following your research.